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TAKE CARE!! provides and disseminates resources and information regarding safer sex with the aim of preventing the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections in Pattaya and environs.

Prevention of STIs is vastly less expensive than the time, cost, energy and resources required for their treatment. Except for abstinence, condom use during every encounter involving the possible exchange of bodily fluids is the best prevention method available.

TAKE CARE!! is a volunteer charity project, formed in January 2005, at the suggestion of Dr. Philippe Seur. Funds are generated through donations and fund-raising events. To date, 200,000 condoms and 100,000 lubes have been distributed to over sixty participating venues located in Pattayaland, Sunee Plaza and Jomtien Complex. Packs are regularly provided to these venues free of charge for free distribution to their staff.

Man Bar, situated in the Jomtien Complex, hosts a benefit quiz night for Take Care!! on the second Sunday of each month. For more details regarding the benefit quiz night and any other fundraising events, click on the Upcoming link.

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